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The eMurmur platform is hardware agnostic and runs in browser on iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS making it the first cross-platform and widely accessible  auscultation technology.

The eMurmur® software system is a remote auscultation platform for the healthcare provider. eMurmur® is used to stream, record, display, replay, and store the acoustic auscultation signal, from a growing list of compatible digital stethoscopes, including the Thinklabs One, the Littmann 3200, and the ri-sonic PCP line. 

eMurmer also has AI-Based Murmur Detection, Analysis and Reporting for some stethoscope models.

New features functionality and improvements are made regularly.

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PCP-USB Stethoscope being used on a patient and a smartphone showing the eMurmer  software interface.

Image of the PCP-SSP software interface


Single User Software License - Perpetual Use - No Recurring Fees

What does the software do?

  • Provides 5 Frequency Filters for Listening at Various Body Sites (Heart, Lungs, Carotids, etc.)
  • Mutes Room Mic Automatically when Stethoscope in Use
  • Allows for Local Listening by Nurse or Tech at Patient Site

Other Features

  • Simple, Easy to Use Interface - No Technical Training Required
  • Integrates into Audio Channel of Existing Video Conference Platform at Stethoscope Location
  • Software Installation at Patient Site Only – Transmit to Any Physician over Video Conference Connection - No Physician Software or Training
  • Windows OS Required at Patient Site
  • Designed for use with PCP-USB Stethoscope Only

PCP-SSP software is a software solution designed specifically for use with the PCP-USB Stethoscope. It installs on the patient side only, no installation is required on the remote side. PCP-SSP software has a one time license fee per stethoscope deployed and there are no recurring fees. Although the PCP-USB stethoscope will be recognized as an external microphone on any USB equipped hardware device including Windows, IOS and Android, use of the optional PCP-SSP software requires a Windows platform at the patient site.

 PCP-SSP Setup and Debugging Guide

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