1. If I place an order, how long will it take to receive the equipment?

Once your order and payment are received, your shipment will be processed within 24 hours and usually shipped via Fedex Express 2-3 day delivery, so you should be able to order and receive your stethoscope products within 4 business days. If you need it sooner than that, we can arrange FedEx overnight deliver for an additional charge.

2. For someone who is not technically oriented, can you explain briefly how the system works?

Sure. The Stethoscope plugs into the USB port on the computer, laptop or tablet device. The software is loaded onto the device at the patient site. A video call is established between patient and provider and the audio from the stethoscope travels over the audio channel of the video conference program. The physician listens from within the video call using a headset.

3. Can the stethoscope be used with my video conference software without having to shut it down or break the connections?

Yes, the software runs side-by-side on the PC with your video conferencing software and the audio from the stethoscope does not interfere with the video conference audio.

4. Do I need a stethoscope on each end?

No, you will need a headset only on the physician end and the stethoscope (and recommended but not required) headset on the patient end.

5. Can this be used in home health and remote monitoring programs?

Yes. This is one of the fastest growing use areas for the telemedicine stethoscopes as hospitals and healthcare providers push care into the home and assisted living facilities to reduce readmissions in the post-discharge settings.

6. What about HIPAA concerns?

HIPAA guidelines are fully met from the technology side. All data transmitted is done so with encryption consistent with the video conference settings and no data is ever captured or stored. Accordingly, patient data is secure.

7. How does this system compare to other stethoscopes used for telemedicine?

For a full comparison, see the Steth Comparison document on the download page of the website. You can get there by clicking here. Telemedicine Stethoscope Comparison Charts – June, 2020

8. What is the cost of the stethoscope and do you provide a warranty?

The pricing for stethoscopes and related products can be found on the download page of this website or in the web store under the Shop tab at the top of the page. The stethoscope hardware is warranted for one year should it fail during normal use. In that case you would be shipped a replacement upon receipt of the defective unit.

9. I already have a stethoscope from another manufacturer. Is it possible to use your software platform with it?

No, the software was designed specifically to work with the PCP-USB stethoscopes and cannot connect to or transmit from other manufacturer’s hardware.

10. I’m not sure exactly what I need and am hesitant to purchase from the website. Is there someone who can advise me on what I need for my use case and answer my questions before I purchase?

Absolutely, this is something we do very frequently. Just call our office number at the top of this page and one of our sales engineers will get right back with you to provide the assistance you need.

11. I am conducting telemedicine programs outside the United States and would like to add the PCP-USB stethoscope to my program. Are your stethoscopes available for sale outside of the US?

Yes, the stethoscopes are ISO 13485 Certified and can be sold in Europe, Mexico and Australia. Certification is also in progress in other countries as well.

12. Do I really need to purchase the software and related licenses to use the stethoscope? Can’t I just plug it in and use it through my telemedicine videoconferencing platform?

The stethoscopes are specialized devices that can be plugged into computers and some telemedicine platforms equipped with USB ports. They appear to the PCs as external microphones.

There are several reasons why most customers purchase both the hardware and software licenses:

  • The stethoscope and software constitute the package that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a Class II Medical Device. The FDA considers the signal processing software as an accessory to and therefore part of the stethoscope and thus regulates that software as a Class II device. If other software is used in place of sSOIP, that software must be approved by the FDA.
  • The software provides a local loop back to the referring clinician (or presenter) that is with the patient so the referring clinician (or presenter) can hear the same sounds as the remote clinician. Hearing the stethoscope sounds enables the referring clinician (or presenter) to properly place the chest piece head on the patient.
  • The software includes controls for five different levels of filtering which provide much greater flexibility for the physician who wants to use the stethoscope in different clinical situations, i.e. heart, lungs, abdomen, carotids, vasculature, etc.
  • The software provides automated mic switching as the means for the stethoscope audio stream to be completely isolated from the room audio mic. The stethoscope sounds are too important to mix with the room audio.
  • With the software license purchase, we provide full telephone tech support for the end users during normal business hours and will respond to after-hours calls in emergency situations.


Include Our Stethoscope in Your Program

"I Have Been Very Impressed"

My organization uses the USB Stethoscope and I have been very impressed with the clarity and quality of sound compared to others I have tried previously.

Luis A. Campos, MD, FACC - Cardiologist - Houston, TX

"Enhanced Patient Encounter"

As an experienced Telemedicine provider, adding the USB stethoscope truly enhanced the value of my patient encounters. Blue tooth stethoscopes just couldn’t match the quality of the sound reproduction.

David Abrams, MD - IM - Los Angeles, CA

"Excellent Sound Quality"

I have been using the PCP Stethoscope from my office in Houston to treat patients monthly in a remote barrio in Lima, Peru. The sound quality is excellent and I’m very pleased with the performance of the Stethoscope.

Ray Verm, MD - Gastroenterologist - Asheville, NC