Digital USB Stethoscopes That Are Changing The Telehealth Community


MobilDrTech, Inc has been supplying and expanding the use of telemedicine digital stethoscopes since 2009. With digital stethoscopes being such an important tool in today’s telehealth and telemedicine practices, the ability to perform auscultation in multiple clinical settings, anywhere or anytime, has become more valuable than ever.

With the PCP-USB stethoscope, clinicians are able to evaluate patients from a distance. The availability of an optional, state-of-the-art software program allows clinicians to conveniently and easily conduct auscultations, listen locally, automate mic switching, and adjust any of five distinct audio filters to allow for the best quality sound regardless of clinical use or body site. The audio filters along with the recommended USB headset provide, clean and crystal clear sound to help clinicians make the most informed medical decisions from a distance.

PCP-SSP software is an in-band software solution for the PCP-USB Stethoscope that installs on the patient side only and no installation is required on the physician side. It provides a separate, distinct channel for stethoscope audio transmission over the audio channel of the videoconference platform. PCP-SSP software has a one time license fee per stethoscope deployed and there are no recurring fees. Although the PCP-USB stethoscope will be recognized as an external microphone on any USB equipped hardware device including Windows, IOS and Android, use of the optional PCP-SSP software requires a Windows platform at the patient site.

Not only is the PCP-USB digital stethoscope easy to use, but it is also FDA approved. The PCP-USB stethoscope is an approved by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device for use over the Internet for direct patient examination. All transmissions are encrypted consistent with settings on the videoconference platform and no data is recorded or stored on any servers, making the PCP-USB Stethoscope fully HIPAA compliant.

PCP digital stethoscopes can easily be deployed on a PC desktop, laptop or tablet device alongside virtually any video conferencing or telepresence system. This allows patients and clinicians to have a truly comfortable, seamless, and personal interaction.

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"I Have Been Very Impressed"

My organization uses the USB Stethoscope and I have been very impressed with the clarity and quality of sound compared to others I have tried previously.

Luis A. Campos, MD, FACC - Cardiologist - Houston, TX

"Enhanced Patient Encounter"

As an experienced Telemedicine provider, adding the USB stethoscope truly enhanced the value of my patient encounters. Blue tooth stethoscopes just couldn’t match the quality of the sound reproduction.

David Abrams, MD - IM - Los Angeles, CA

"Excellent Sound Quality"

I have been using the PCP Stethoscope from my office in Houston to treat patients monthly in a remote barrio in Lima, Peru. The sound quality is excellent and I’m very pleased with the performance of the Stethoscope.

Ray Verm, MD - Gastroenterologist - Asheville, NC