Digital USB Stethoscopes That Are Changing The Telehealth Community


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MobilDrTech, Inc has been supplying and expanding the use of telemedicine digital stethoscopes since 2009. With digital stethoscopes being such an important tool in today’s telehealth and telemedicine practices, the ability to perform auscultation in multiple clinical settings, anywhere in the world, has become more valuable than ever.

With both the PCP-1 (mic port) and the PCP-USB stethoscope, clinicians are able to monitor patients from a distance via a Windows® based PC, laptop or tablet. The state-of-the-art Auscultation Anywhere software and a high quality, echo-cancelling USB headset, both of which can be purchased with our digital stethoscopes, allow clinicians to conveniently and easily conduct auscultations, and adjust any of five distinct audio filters to allow for the best quality sound regardless of clinical use or body site. The audio filters along with the recommended USB headset provide, clean and crystal clear sound to help clinicians make the most informed medical decisions from a distance.

Not only are PCP digital stethoscopes easy to use, but they are also FDA approved. PCP-1 and PCP-USB stethoscopes, when used with the Auscultation Anywhere software are approved Class II Medical Devices, for use over the Internet, by the Food and Drug Administration. All transmissions are encrypted and no data is stored on any transmission servers, making the PCP Stethoscope line fully HIPAA compliant.

Our digital stethoscopes, however, don’t stop at providing clinicians with auscultation anywhere capabilities. Our telehealth technology allows for video capabilities as well. Our USB stethoscopes can easily be deployed alongside any video conferencing or telepresence system. A feature that is made possible thanks to our digital stethoscope’s USB use, rather than assistance from an audio card. This allows for patients and clinicians to have a truly comfortable, seamless, and personal interface.

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