Industry Changing Telemedicine Software


CTA Software

Since 2009 MobilDrTech, Inc has been selling telemedicine stethoscopes and integrated telehealth software. As a result of many years of research and advancements, our current stethoscope software is an industry changing telemedicine product called Auscultation Anywhere. This advanced telemedicine software is designed specifically to work alongside our PCP-USB and PCP-1 (mic port) stethoscopes via Windows® based PC’s, Laptops and tablets. The software requires minimal bandwidth, so special PCs and Internet connections are not required. The innovative software, along with the stethoscope chestpiece, are Food and Drug Administration approved as a total auscultation system to pick up and transmit sound anywhere over the internet. This system of hardware and software is classified as a Class II Medical Device by the FDA.

Our Auscultation Anywhere software works with devices running full versions of Windows® operating systems and that have standard internet connection. The software transports auscultation sounds, either live or recorded, from the USB stethoscope to specified clinicians across the world. Using this advanced telehealth software is as easy as a one-click connection! This software is available for purchase with each of our PCP stethoscopes and will include all of the install files and documentation you need to get set up and started. After just a few minutes of one-time set-up, your Auscultation Anywhere software can be connected and used flawlessly for years to come.

With this software, clinicians and physicians can use our PCP stethoscopes to examine patients remotely and listen to the heart, lungs, peripheral arteries, and even the abdomen. By providing the tools necessary to create over-the-internet, peer-to-peer connections, physicians can build and enhance strong, personal connections with their patient populations.

This software is perfect for small offices as well as large enterprises. Feel free to order yours here today, or contact one of our experts to answer any questions you might have or for a more in-depth look at our advanced telemedicine software.