Telehealth solutions have never been more important as they are today with the need for digital solutions to continue to answer the medical questions our world offers. Making telemedicine equipment accessible and easy to use for both health care professionals and patients is extremely important to us and our clients.
With the PCP and USB stethoscopes, patients and doctors can have the transparency of health information without a face to face appointment. This transparency is something that we strive for, as we seek to make health care more accessible, and data transferable, to everyone.
To support this our auscultation hardware, we have several accessories that our customers have been very impressed with. The Echo Cancelling USB headset supports our auscultation devices with high sound quality, a precise microphone, easy to adjust volume, and a comfortable design that does not wear on either the doctor or patient.
Our Auscultation Anywhere software also goes hand in hand with our telemedicine stethoscopes, both for the PCP and USB. It is easy to set up, with an install time that only takes a few minutes, and no matter where you use our telehealth stethoscopes, whether that be at a hospital or in your home, the software runs smoothly and perfectly complements our auscultation products.
Our reception has been strong, and we advise you to take a look at our customer testimonials, both from doctors who work from an office or in a hospital, as well as patients who require our products as a way to keep in touch with their health care professionals.